To find our future at Cocomo Lodge, we’ve taken a look at the past. Living in a dream ecological home in the beautiful South Pacific seemed to require a movie star bank balance; the simple life was an expensive one, and almost destined to stay a dream!

Our love of the pace of life here in Tonga made it important to us to ensure anyone could experience the same, and so we started our mission to design a life, not just a home. Instead of ‘eco-homes’ made with not-so-eco steel and huge walls of glass and cement, we’ve looked back at materials that have proven themselves through history: wood, and the earth beneath your feet. Materials that, crucially, are available on the land that you’re about to call home.

With an emphasis on outdoor living to maximize your life in the tropics, coupled with British engineering and design, there’s definately something unique about these homes..

To introduce island life to the world, Cocomo Lodge is bringing five home designs to the Kingdom of Tonga and soon to Fiji, ranging from a holiday getaway to investor-owner studio apartment blocks, ready to move in from just 49,000 USD.

With construction ranging from Coconut wood to Earthbag, bound by cyclone resistant mechanical fastenings, powered by the sun and cooled by the trade winds, our eco-designs are built to last with minimal impact to the environment, and can all be run completely off-grid (yes, even with drinking water from the sky!).

Perhaps you’re not ready to buy? Perhaps you’re just cruising through the South Pacific, picking up some culture, some Kava and some waves..?

Great! Then come and stay with us at the Cocomo Lodge eco-glamping resort on Hunga, Vava’u, in the Kingdom of Tonga. We currently have three luxury en-suite tents being prepared on the island, complete with private open air showers, fully renewable energy, and waste treatment that goes on to feed the fruit trees.

Register below now for early bird glamping deals on stays at the Cocomo Lodge eco-glamping resort, coming soon to the Kingdom of Tonga!

If you’d like to learn more about Cocomo Village in Vava’u, Tonga, just contact us below.